Better (more robust) Shopify POS Hardware Options?

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Our two nonprofit thrift stores process a large number of POS orders for a large number of items. Thus, our six barcode scanners perform a lot of scans. (Around 50,000 scans per month.)

This has been stressing the resiliency of Shopify hardware - particularly card readers and barcode scanners. We've replaced several card readers that stopped reading cards. And at least three of our six S700 scanners have suffered broken charging pins from repeated placement onto the Socket charging cradles. This prevents the devices from charging via the cradle. We've also gone through several battery replacements.

Our cashiers have had so many charging/disconnect issues that some have settled on scanning with the charging cables plugged in. Unfortunately, the side-mount charge port makes for an awkward scanner grip.

Our old POS system used wired readers and scanners that did not suffer these issues. Shopify POS card readers and barcode scanners appear to work well for small-to-medium volume shops, but may not be able to keep up with high-volume retail environments, such as ours.

Has anyone had success connecting more robust readers and scanners to Shopify POS?

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