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Beware of signing up for yearly subscription Shopify POS

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I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that if you are still in development and testing of Shopify POS, do not sign up for the yearly subscription until you are sure it is exactly what you need. We signed up and after doing a few test sales we realized that Shopify will not allow you to sell in decimals or partial units. They had no solution for us and we are not able to use Shopify POS, however they refuse to credit us even though we were never able to use it. It cost us over a thousand dollars for the subscription and hundreds more for the equipment. They said we should have read the fine print before agreeing to the subscription. I am disgusted with Shopify POS and can't believe they wouldn't even credit our account towards our online store subscription. Beware and test thoroughly before agreeing to a yearly subscription.

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