Bin Locations and Printing on Product Labels/Showing in POS

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A bit of background to understand our setup;

We are a costume company - brick and mortar trying to convert an existing platform to Shopify POS/Website. One of the biggest struggles we've had in converting to Shopify is the lack of a backstock location option. In our store, we have backstock locations for additional quantity or display items (i.e. jewelry in a jewelry case or wigs displayed on heads). We also use an additional location for some costumes that we call "Accessory boxes". For costumes that come with additional accessories such as pirate sashes or included hats, we store the accessories behind the scenes to prevent theft or mismatched sizes.

For us, backstock/accessory locations will need to work in three ways
1) Print onto our product labels (some items will need both the backstock location and accessory box)
2) display when items are rung out in POS (so we can grab the accessory or easily see where additional stock is located at the time of sale)
3) Be easy to find by our employees when looking up additional stock or replacing a display item. Ideally this would be easy to access in in the POS/Shopify iPad apps as well as on the desktop browser.

What I've tried so far;

1) I currently have backstock location/accessory box stored in Metafields using the Custom Fields App which is easy for our employees to find but cannot print on labels or show in POS.

2) We do have POS Pro and thus have the Stocky App which has a place for "Bin/Shelf Location" but this does not show in Shopify, and again is not easy to access from POS or print on a label.

3) I've seen some people solve the bin location issue by incorporating it into the product SKU - this could work for us but unfortunately we have thousands of different items that would then need to be relabeled. We do also often change locations when we receive new product or reorganize existing stock if bins get too full. Trying to avoid this solution if possible. 

If there is an app that already does this that would be great! But from my hunting I've only found solutions for one or two of our needs and the expense adds up when we need 2 or 3 apps to address small portions of our problem. 

Looking for any ideas before we venture into a custom code/app scenario!

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Hey @CostumesETC if you still haven't found a solution to this problem, you should give SKUSavvy a try. Built as a full Shopify WMS, it will help you with a variety of solutions to the problems you have brought up:

  • Place purchase orders and check-in, then receive the items to a bin location
  • Organize and keep track of each variant, packaging materials, and overstock
  • Pull in orders to create batches for pick-pack-ship 
  • Scan on any device to read bin barcodes, item barcodes, shipments, and other label information
  • Replace 2-3 apps with one (inventory, fulfillment, shipping, purchasing, order tracking)

You can try for free without a CC and then it's just $0.19-$0.10 per order. 

The best Shopify Inventory Management App: Purchases, Bin Locations, Visual Inventory, Warehouse Management, Pick Pack Ship, Cycle Counts, and more.
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I looked it over & it doesn't really solve our problem regarding printing on labels or popping up at the POS. We are a 30+ year brick & mortar business with only a small (but growing) portion of sales online. SKUSavvy looks geared more to an online operation that ships many things & not an in-store purchase kind of solution.