Black tap chip swipe reader

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They will not replace it if it stops taking chips. It will just stop working and they give you the run around. Know you will have to replace it once or twice a year.
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We've been sporadically testing out one of the newer black POS kits, and so far haven't run into the unfortunate scenario of the card reader failing. Although looking at the fine print ( it appears as if there is only a 30-day return period. And the reader is non-refundable and non-returnable. 


That definitely doesn't speak well in terms of a provider backing their hardware products. Looks like shelling out $50 each time one of these fails 😞

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We have gone thru 4 of these in about a year. The problem that we have had is not with the connection. The issue is that the reader will stop reading the chip. The tap functionality still works. It seems like when one of those extra thick metal cards are inserted, the chip reader is damaged. In a pinch we are able to manually enter a card if the chip wont read, but not an acceptable long term solution.

However, we are noticing that most people are doing tap now. 

These black tap and chip readers are now on backorder for 6 months. The only current solution are the older white card readers, that do not do tap....