Brand new Tap and Chip reader not charging

Brand new Tap and Chip reader not charging

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I just got a brand new Tap and Chip reader in the mail and I have been trying to get it to charge for the past few hours and nothing. I have tried the reset with the safety pin and still nothing. It has been plugged in for 3 hours. 

I literally just sent one in and had this problem so they sent me a new one. I am still having the same exact issue. 

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Do any of the lights flash at all?


I very recently had one I hadn’t used in over a year. Plugged in, quick blue light then out. It did not appear to be charging, but then left plugged in for a few hours. Nothing.


Finally, I repeated plugging it in, watching blue light go out, the unplug to repeat like 10+ times until it continued to accept a charge. 

It is possible battery so depleted it’s not taking a charge.  Do what I suggested as much as you desire, then that doesn’t work, return it. Good luck!