Bring your sales from 1 to 1 instore to 1 to many online

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At this time, may retail stores have to make a difficult decision to either close the store or reduce the hours. While we all don't know when this store will end and only hope for the best, there are still ways we can do to remain social distance yet well connected with your customers. 


LIVE Selling and LIVE shopping allow your sales representative or yourself sell safely on your side, but remain connected with audiences and customer while they are also safely watching your LIVE at home. The idea is simple, what you usually do in-store 1 on 1, now it is 1 to many - you stream it online and answer questions from the LIVE chat that customers have.

Interaction remain the same with a healthy distance and your sales can slowly resume to healthy status as well. As a business owner, remaining a business healthy isn't that easy, specially now. Check out our LIVE Shopping beta test, everything was not planned, but now we are glad the free trial comes in a time that can help everyone. 

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Here are five steps you can take to ensure your online presence boosts your in-store sales. 1. Include essential information on your website. 2. Optimize your website for mobile use. 3. Optimize your local search listings. 4. Engage shoppers with social media. 5. Cultivate your online reviews and ratings.