Building New Site & Steps to Integrate Shopify POS

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I have a customer with an existing Shopify website. It was crudely developed using a free theme and has a lot of issue that need to be fix. They also purchased a pre-owned Shopify POS and said that it seems to be working (meaning inventory scanned is showing up in their Shopify website). Our experience has been building several shopify stores with e-commerce but none with the POS.


Our role will be to redesign the site using a more appropriate template.


My question is what are the broad steps and how complex will it be to integrate the POS into the new site.


Our plan is as follows:


Note: We've been given access to their current store


1) Pick new theme, design layout in our partner account

2) Import or test the inventory within our store (I'm not sure how complex this step is or how it is done)

3) Finalize the site and receive sign-off

4) Deploy the new site which will take precedence over old site ( I assume this will meaning moving domain to this new store)


My questions are mostly around step #2.


Can you have a site in dev with the 'live' inventory?

Do you import the inventory and then style it?

How complex is working with the POS and integrating into a new design, we've not worked with it before?


Thank you.



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