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Bundle options with mix and match

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Hi, I've a new product idea but before I create it, I want to work backwards and see how this could be marketed on my website for the best UX. The idea is a fixed price bundle made up of 5 items. The customer can select an item from a choice of different age groups. For example:


Group 1 (all same size but 3 different styles) - choose one

Group 2 (all the same size 3 different style  ) choose one 

Group 3 (all the same size 3 different style  ) choose one 

Group 4 (all the same size 3 different style  ) choose one 

Group 5 (all the same size 3 different style  ) choose one 


The bundle would be complete when they've chosen one from each category. For stock control, I want to restrict it so that they can ONLY choose one from each category. Are there any apps or suggestions? 


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Hello @whitedaisyuk 


Welcome to Shopify Community.


Yes, you can check Shopify bundle app to setup mix and match bundle products or for optimized site speed the whole bundle functionality can be hardcoded. Where all the 5 products can be grouped together to a single product and can be limit to be added one for each only. Also when removed from cart all the products can be remove together. But you will need a developer.


Let me know if you need one.



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To manage this effectively and ensure customers can only select one item from each category, I recommend the MBC Bundles & Volume Discount. Here's why it would be a perfect fit for your needs:

  1. Preset Bundle Templates: MBC Bundles App offers numerous preset templates, making it easy to create and manage bundles.
  2. Customizable Bundles: You can create bundles with any number of products, perfectly suiting your idea of a 5-item bundle.
  3. Variant Selection: The app allows you to include specific variants as bundle items, not just entire products. This is ideal for offering different styles within the same size category.
  4. Discount Options: You can set a fixed price for your bundle, ensuring a straightforward and attractive offer for your customers.
  5. Customizable Display Widget: The bundle display widget can be tailored to match your store's design, including layout, color scheme, and text customization, ensuring a seamless integration with your brand's aesthetic.

With these features, MBC Bundles & Volume Discount App can help you efficiently manage your stock and provide a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

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Hi @whitedaisyuk 


Do you have any reference of other websites with a good UX?


Our app, BYOB can show products under different tabs. Customers can build a custom bundle under by selecting a product under each tab. Is it suitable for you? You can take a look at our sample bundle. Let me know how you think about it.

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