buy display like mc donalds, pay at display pick up at the cashier

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is it possible with POS customer view( Customer Facing Display), to create a display in store. Where a client can create an order, pay it. And then go to the cahier to pick up their order when ready?


Alterative payment option in the webshop "pay in store"? 




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Hey ErwinPlones 

The best solution I know of for this would be these units (here) made by Eflyn. There isn't really a great way to have a Kiosk with how Shopify POS is currently made as it is very staff facing. You could do it using the Shopify web interface and have a custom payment method which will allow for an order to be created that is unpaid which employees can then bring up on the POS and accept payment for in store. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this!