Call-in Customers and Pickup Orders

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We've been experimenting with local pickup orders - currently on the POS Plus plan. One thing that's been happening often with the COVID-19 changes is that customers call the shop ahead of time, place an order, either pay for it then on the phone or pay for it when they arrive. 


It doesn't seem like there's any way to place a local-pickup order either from the POS or from the admin page. If I place an order in the POS, I can mark it as not fulfilled, but it doesn't show up as a pickup order. Same thing with creating a draft order in the admin - it shows as an order, but not a pickup order. 


Am I missing something here? 

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I have the same issue

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@Steve-npc wrote:

I have the same issue

Dittom cant see how to create an order and set it as a pickup order.??

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Hi, I saw another post with the similar question, so I moved my answer here as well. 

The Shopify POS app, it's designed for the scenario when the customer is physically in the store so that the transaction can be completed right away. I would recommend using store admin to create order, and with local delivery or pickup tag respectively.

However, there might be other apps that can help you get these done automatically. It depends on which feature you are looking into, is it the feature of order status update and automatic notification to customers, or the local delivery process planning feature?  

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I have the same problem as the shop I am working with is moving from a manual system which will involve customers still calling in for a long period until we can convince them to use the online store.

I would recommend using store admin to create order, and with local delivery or pickup tag respectively.

This is 'ok', but it does not allow us to use the 'ready for pickup' feature which notifies the customer.  Is it not possible to create an order in the admin console and add local pickup as the delivery method?  

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Yes, this one is an issue for us as well.  We are noticing that Local Pickup orders would ideally incorporate the ability to create via POS and the ability to Partially Fulfill (sometimes we are waiting on a custom order and they want to pick up their other items in the meantime).