Can a card reader fully integrate with Shopify POS in Norway?

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Hi there,


We have been using 3rd party POS in our 3 physical stores with integration to Shopify Ecommerce for almost 3 years now. However none of the POS systems available in Norwegian markets offering a true 360° integration to Shopify.  Even the most sophisticated ones lacks basics features.


My question: Is there any card reader that can fully integrate to Shopify POS in the Norwegian markets besides Shopify own hardware? I could see the options are available in the danish and Swedish markets. Why it is not opening up for the Norwegian one? 

Why Shopify is not opening up the API for 3rd party card readers from Stripe, Verifone or Nets? 
Will Shopify payments be soon available in the Norwegian market or? Will launching it in the Norwegian market will solve the POS issue?  I could see couple of posts on the matter but not even one concrete answer.


I will highly appreciate if someone in Shopify can give a solution for that issue and not just refer everyone to the news page. It is not helping to solve the issue and it is limiting us the paying  users to benefit from all the great advantages Shopify have to offer!






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@Shopify  Would be great with an answer for this, we are about to switch to Shopify POS, and need an answer please