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Can gift card returns be made without notifying the original purchaser?

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If someone has been given an item as a gift and they return it to a store, we would only offer an exchange or gift card. If the person returning the item asks for a gift card it will send a notification to the original purchaser which can lead to embarrassment. Is there a way to prevent the original purchaser being notified that their gift was unwanted and has been returned?

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Trying to figure out this same thing. Did you ever figure out an answer?

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I'm sad shopify never responded to this. We are having exactly the same issue. It is unacceptable that this has not been resolved. 

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Hello, everyone! 

My apologies that you hadn't received a reply on this thread sooner. This is a topic that has been covered previously here in the Community, and our developers are aware of the request to process returns for the gift recipient on Shopify POS without notifying the original customer. I appreciate you sharing your feedback. 

While I'm not able to offer insight on when and if this feature will be developed, please know that you can keep an eye on all new features as they are posted to the Shopify Changelog.

Sophia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I think most would agree that this just isn't an adequate response from Shopify. The changelog is not helpful if the change we request is never addressed. The fact that this has been an issue for years is ridiculous. An actual update detailing what is being done would be better. In addition, to offer a fix for a while, but then not alert merchants when the 'change recipients on gift cards' feature is not working is so egregious.  I discovered this today.  How many customers have we embarrassed with our blind faith that the program we pay for is working?  Shopify needs to take customer feedback and improve its communication efforts.  To be told to consult the changelog is not a solution.   More transparency and follow up to the endless tickets we submit would be a step in the right direction.