Can I change the payment method after a sale has been processed?

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Today I made a sale with a customer instore via our Shopify POS.

The order # 12724.

They made a split payment of $100 cash and then $5 with an eftpos (debit) card.

If you go to that order you will see I accidentally processed it through the POS as two payments of Eftpos.

I did not know this until I was going to close the register at the end of the day and the analytics was all out.

I am wondering if I can make changes to the payment type once the sale/order has been processed?

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The short answer, I think, is that you can’t change the transactions associated with an order once they are processed. However, I’m wondering how you managed to process a debit card payment through POS without actually taking money from the customer’s card? Do you have card payments set up as some kind of custom payment method which Shopify doesn’t process for you? If so, you could probably refund the order and ring it through again with the correct splits – but if you’ve already closed the register, your totals will be out on two days running (although correct when added together).

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Hi Ruby, 

We process our debit cards through manually and our cash payment types.

So then we just choose the payment type once the payment has been processed through the terminal.

That is how we managed to get the two payments and process them as different things.

Does this make sense?