Can I fix critical German translation errors on Shopify POS receipts?

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I'm an English-speaking guy running a business in Germany and I'm facing a problem with the translations on the Shopify POS receipts. The receipts prints in German because the store is set to German, but the translation is not entirely accurate.

When there is a balance due because of partial or no payment on an order, the POS receipt prints "Fälliges Guthaben" which translates to "Credit Due".

This is a huge problem because in Germany, we can face big problems and fines for our official financial documents not having the correct information on them. Our invoices even need to include certain verbiage, or we can get sued and fined.


The correct translation should be "Offener Betrag," which translates to "Open Balance".


I have already contacted chat support about this, but they informed me that they have passed it along to the relevant team and that it isn't immediately changeable. I'm physically in Germany to switch my business and five physical locations over to iPads running Shopify POS. However, I can't make the switch because of two words that nobody thought to have a native speaker proofread the translations that were apparently created using Google Translate.


I'm writing this because I'm hopeful that this message will get to someone who can urgently pass the info along to the right department and make the quick and easy change in the Shopify back-end. Alternatively, I'm looking for a way that I can change it for my store in the receipt customization.

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