Can I have two receipt printers automatically print, one wired in and one on wifi?

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When a transaction happens I would like the POS receipt to be printed on the receipt printer which is hardwired in. However I also want that same receipt to print again in another room on a wifi printer. This is for pick and pack to happen. I want the receipt to automatically come out the printer in the warehouse area so someone starts picking. I don't want for them to have to press print on a new order, I would prefer it automatically. 


Please advise if this is possible and I will buy a wifi receipt printer if it can be programmed to auto print in two places?


Thank you 🙂 



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I have an HP Envy wifi printer in my shop, and I have my order notifications setup to email the order to the printers HPePrint email address. Prints out in full color about 10 seconds after the app notifies me of a new order.