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can i set up a auto discount all products specific to in store pickup?

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I would like to offer a discount that auto applies to all products in the cart if customer chooses the in store pick-up option. That way my local customers can order online and receive my brick and mortar prices. These prices are lower than online prices. I'm not having trouble with the discount margin - I get that part. Just can't figure out how to automatically tie a discount to a fulfillment option. 

I would like it to auto apply so no code is required to avoid the misuse/canelling of orders problem. But if there is a solution with a code and not the auto apply function I'll take that too.

Since I already manage separate product listings (same SKUs/different sales channels/different prices) for my Shopify POS items and Shopify online items it would be most helpful if there was a way to tie the local pickup option to the POS pricing. But that's a pipe dream I think. Thanks for any help!

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