Can POS allow items to be kept back at purchase for personalisation?

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Hi,   im new to shopify and POS.    We have a current POS solution that allows us to keep items back on purchase for us to personalise them.   I understand we can do custom orders but it wont be clear or quick enough for us to work with.


Im wondering if there is an app that does something like this?


customer comes to store and purchases:

item A

item B

item C


item A&B are ready to go and the customer would take them. 

item C would be kept back to be personalised


later on we would let the customer know item C is ready to collect


All the items would be normal products so I dont want to really be entering them as custom items,  we would hold them as stock.


Could anyone let me know an app, a workaround or solution to how this is done.   Shopify support just said save it as a draft on the POS software but during a certain season we have queues of customers for this service (its selling school uniform) so the POS needs to be slick.    


The current epos system allows each line item to be 'reserved' so we can clearly see on the receipt what is still with us and the example above with 3 items is very simple,  some orders we take can have a mixture of 20 items, some staying, some going.


I really hope someone on here has the knowledge or experience to offer some insight to this.


many thanks!


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