Can Shopify integrate with POS for a medium-sized supermarket?

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Hi guys,


So firstly we're a medium sized oriental supermarket and we already use Shopify for our online store front and back end.  However we want to integrate our physical store POS and back end using shopify as well.  Has anyone with a similar store size made this work and how well does it work?


We have around 2-3000 products in store so the database is quite large.  We have membership features so different prices for members etc and a on site warehouse which at the moment uses an in house program for inventory management.  We will also want to use Shopfiy POS/retail to manage the inventory system and for our buyers/purchases to create new product lines, discounts, deals, sales and reporting etc. 


If anyone has any good insight into this, please let me know, the more the better to help us make a rational decision.


Thank you

KH Oriental Group LTD
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