Can Shopify POS hold multiple selling prices for a single product?

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I am new to SHopify POS and need to know if it is possible to hold multiple selling prices for a single product (or SKU). I sell my products at retailprice (to consumer) and tradem price (to wholesalers)  so need the option to select which price I am selling at.

We are also building a Shopify website, and as far as I can see there is obvious way to facilitate this on the website.

Thank you

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Hi NikkiGallagher


Do you use physical barcodes on your products?


You can have variants on your products which have custom names and the variants can have the same SKU. I don't think it's best practise but it's possible. The POS would then have a button for showing extra details when you press the product and you can select which variant. The variants can have different prices.


Have you also considered using Discounts? There's so much possibility here that I would recommend reading the documentation. You can have discount based on amount purchased, set this quantity very low and make only certain customers eligible for it, for example.


There is probably also an app for it. I hope this helps

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