Can the POS iPad app give sound feedback while scanning?

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When scanning items using the POS and Socket Mobile S700, the scanner will beep when an item scans, however the app itself has no sound feedback. So if a barcode is NOT FOUND, there is no sound feedback from the app to indicate there is a problem finding the item.

It means it's incredibly easy to miss an item and continue scanning, then have to figure out afterward which item did not scan. This takes a lot of time at checkout.

Is there sound feedback available on the POS app to resolve this issue? We really need a different sound because the scanner itself beeps when a barcode is successfully scanned but that doesn't indicate if the item is found or not found in the POS.


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Hey, @sucralose

Tira here to help.

Thank you for taking the time to write your feedback here. There isn’t any sound feedback available when scanning an invalid barcode on the Shopify POS app. I tested out scanning both a valid and invalid barcode on my own device and was not able to hear any sound notifications.

I can definitely see how much of an impact this would have on your business and for your staff.

I’m happy to forward this as a request to our developers so that they are aware of how we can improve Shopify for you and all of our merchants. If we move forward with this change then we will update our changelog or our announcements page.

Thanks again for your feedback, please reply should you have more suggestions. We’re always open to hearing from you!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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We would like to say that we have the same issues in our shop. Would love to have a feature where you can change the sound for an invalid barcode

Thank you,

Down Swan Street

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Hey, @DownSwanStreet.

Thanks for reaching out with your suggestion to add a sound for failed barcode scans. I have gone ahead and added it to our list for our developers to review. As I mentioned in my earlier post, if we do move forward with this feature, we will list it in our changelog and annoucements page (you can find the links for these pages in the same post). 

Hopefully we can see this feature added in the future. In the meantime, if you have any other details or suggestions to add, please thread them here. We're always open to hearing your thoughts!


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Any movement on this? We are investigating using pos at trade shows but the app not giving feedback on invalid scans is a big problem for us. We sell jewelry and some orders can have 20 to 30 items on them and it is way too easy to scan something and not know it went on the order. we were planning on using the socket scanners with iphones. 


also on a side note, it is way too easy to clear the whole shopping cart with a simply mis touch of the button especially on the iphone as the clear cart button is right under the close button. A confirmation like "are you sure you want to clear the cart?" would be something I would have programmed into it.