Can you use alternate printers with Shopify POS in Canada?

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Hi I was helping someone recently with some aspects of general setup, website etc.

He went with shopify pos with the little card reader for iphone. Just realized he didnt get a printer and its almost crunch time!


1.  The ONLY supported model in Canada according to Shopify "supported printer models" list is the Star Micronics Pos printer?? Only 1 model will work?? What about other brands as long as we have a driver for it etc etc.?

2.  He thinks he can probably do with sending the customer an email (or txt?) copy of a cred card or interac transaction receipt. Assuming that is possible?

3.  For a customer that wants a printed copy - can he access the transaction in the app and print the pos customer copy to a connected (non Pos) regular printer?



Travis F




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In my experience, the customer is always satisfied with an email receipt, and this is possible through the POS.


There is a free app called Order Printer which I believe can be used to print receipts on any printer connected to your POS tablet.