Card Reader for Shopify POS Terminal w/ as Gateway

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Hello, I currently use Shopify for online sales, but do not use Shopify Payments, but instead as gateway and other third-party merchant processor due to the nature of my business, which Shopify Payments does not support. Currently, I use Square in my retail store for POS, but would like to switch that POS to Shopify. I ordered all of the hardware - Shopify POS Terminal and Card Reader - only to find out that the Shopify card reader only works with Shopify payments, not I have spoken to both Shopify agents and, but both point me back to the other as they don't know which card reader I can use.

Can anyone make a suggestion as to which card reader that I can use with the Shopify POS terminal with Authorize,net as a gateway and third-party merchant processor? thanks

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Honestly, would love for Shopify hardware to work with I have 3 locations and working on the 4th. Your third party processor should be able to guide you better. I have a deep understanding of your business industry. Surprised square has kept you, must have a great naming convention! Shopify I have 4 Shopify accounts, Id love for you to allow your software to use authorize.nets gateway, thanks!

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Hey there @Dragonhemp ! If you're thinking about switching your POS software, I'd suggest giving ConnectPOS a try. They're already integrated with and offer excellent support for niche industries that Shopify may not fully cater to. ConnectPOS is highly customizable to suit your specific needs and is compatible with multiple hardware options. You can find it on the Shopify marketplace and explore it with a trial. Hope this helps!