Card Readers Dying and Locking UP

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We have had six of the Tap and Chip readers. They are constantly needing reset with a pin. Two died completely and it takes ten days to get replaced if you buy a new one. None of mine where able to get warranty return even though less than 30 days old. I am getting no response at all from warranty or return requests. I filled out online and after response. 

We moved our main location and our 5 pop-up markets to Shopify POS but will likely need to move back due to reader issues. We do like the software better and that it

integrates with our online selling. But card readers are critical...period.

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this has been a significant issue for us as well. i had a helpful shopify support agent walk me through a 'bluetooth reset' on our ipads, and with the OS and app updated to the latest versions, this seems to have resolved the issue (at least temporarily!), and we haven't had any issues with waking the readers in the past 10 days.

to complete the bluetooth reset...

1. force close the POS app

2. go to settings, and turn off the bluetooth connection for the ipad

3. turn off the ipad, and leave it off for 5 minutes

4. restart the ipad

5. turn bluetooth back on

6. restart the POS app


the support agent also suggested force closing / reopening the app, or turning the bluetooth connection off / on in instances where the device won't wake up.

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Similar experience. The reader disconnects from the ipad constantly. Technical support is all, "That's weird!"

Also (Canada), debit transactions are tap only, no chip and PIN, so there's a cap on how large a single transaction can be.