Card readers for international trade shows

Card readers for international trade shows

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Hi there, 


I am hoping someone has been in a similar scenario and can offer some advice. 


We are an Australian business running two shopify stores - the 1st to service our AUS and NZ customers and the 2nd to service everywhere else. Both stores are linked to our Australian business, banking etc. 


We are heading to some international tradeshows towards the end of the year and will need to be able to take card payments from our international (USA) store.


We currently have eftpos and a square reader for Australia, these won't work overseas. 


The Shopify hardware offered in Australia won't work in the USA and I don't think we can't use the USA hardware because we would need a USA bank account.


To clarify, I am looking for a method to take card payments in USA for a Shopify store registered in Australia.


Kind regards, 


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Could you let me know why you went with a Square reader rather than a Shopify card reader for Australia? I need to buy a card reader and thought the Shopify one would be the obvious choice but I cannot find much feedback about it.


Sorry I cannot help with your problem.


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Hi Sonya, 


We went with a square because we needed an immediate solution to not having enough Eftpos machines. 


We just use the shopify POS app to process/scan and then finale the payment through external POS method