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Checkout process takes customers straight to shipping! HELP!

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I have a brick and mortar, as well as a website.  Sometimes I have a product that isn't on the website, and is in store only, so I manually send an INVOICE to them via email, and many of them want to pick up their items in the store.  When they click on complete purchase in their invoice email, it is sending them RIGHT TO THE SHIPPING PAGE - not the information page.  The info page is where you get to choose pickup or shipping....but because it's sending them to the shipping page, they aren't seeing a pickup option, and therefore many are accidentally paying for shipping.  

Is there a way I can direct customers to the INFORMATION PAGE first when they go to pay their invoices?  This is causing me headaches, as I'm having to refund shipping.

Any help is much appreciated!!

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Hi there,


Can you post some screenshots on how you are setting up the draft orders to be sent?