Chip & Swipe reader not working. Credit payment greyed out

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My chip and swipe reader is connected properly and the app is up to date. When I click charge it goes to the select payment screen. The option to select credit is greyed out and unclickable. Customers cannot use their card to pay me. Does anyone have a fix for this? The reader is brand new. I am using an Android phone. Everything is connected correctly. I have already called support. They could not figure it out and had me send a report. They told to wait for an email. I also reset the reader and still have the same problem

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I haven't had the issue you're having, but my screen stays stuck on the "insert/swipe card" screen. The chip isn't being read properly and when I go to swipe the customers card, it reads "chip detected, insert chip", so then the swipe function is useless on the reader. I have reached out to Shopify multiple times, only to be able to communicate via email, and they are pretty worthless in their customer service response. They reply with the boiler plate stuff of trouble shooting, ironically giving me all of the trouble shooting tips for an iPad/iPhone, when my tablet is an Android. Not once have they offered to get me a new chip/swipe reader to replace the one not working. So now, I'm in the position to only accept cash/Venmo payments or enter credit cards manually, which being a mobile food vendor that is definitely not ideal. Hope you have had better luck with their customer support.