COGS and expiry date management

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Hi. We are selling snacks which we buy from different suppliers. And of course, our products have expiry dates.

Previously we used Freshly to manage expiry dates. But because of many bugs and weak functionality we decided to stop using it and currently are looking for solutions to solve the following issues:

1. Manage expiry dates.
2. Manage cost per item (COGS) to understand our profit. As we have different suppliers COGS for the same product are different (different buying prices, different shipment costs) so every delivery we have different COGS for the same products
3. Manage discounts on product batches depending on their expiry dates (14 lays before expiry dates - 10% discount, 7 days - 20%, after expiry dates - 30%)
4. Be able to put custom discount prices on some product batches which are not changed by application
5. Show discounted product batches in the Discount collection and show the same product batch without discount in the main collection at the SAME TIME

Currently, we solve these issues by creating new products for every delivery from suppliers and copying the initial product descriptions. Then we manually assign discounts. assign collections and manually publish and unpublish products when the previous one end of stock.
This is very complicated and we can make lots of mistakes.
We are using Arigato automation to manage this but it is also a very hard way.

What we want to have is one product with custom batches fields:
- quantity
- expiry dates
- cogs
- discount
- sale price
- compare at price
- tags
And we want software that will manage the rest of the processes automatically.

So every delivery from our suppliers we don't create new products but add batches for existing products.

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