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Connect Shopify inventory with brick and mortar sale

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we have an online store with wool that uses Shopify but also a small brick and mortar store (where we physically keep all our inventory) without any proper inventory system. We are currently struggling to find a solution that would connect both POS with the inventory - i.e. if someone buys a product in our physical shop, how can we make sure that the online inventory is automatically updated? 

Thanks so much!

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Hi Denisa

You have two options with Shopify POS.
You can allocate all your stock to one location, let’s assume your bricks and mortar store, this would mean both sales via your website and POS app will deduct from your inventory level so online is always correct. Alternatively you can add locations, 1 being your store and another being a stock room facility. You can then sell stock from your physical store inventory via the app and online sales from your Stock room/warehouse. Shopify will monitor both levels.

Hope that helps.


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Another option is to use Square POS and then use Trunk to keep stock levels synced between your Shopify store and Square POS inventory

Sync your stock levels + bundles/kits in real-time between any number of Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Faire, QuickBooks Online, Squarespace, Square, Tundra, WooCommerce stores with Trunk
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Take a look at the Shopify POS app. It's not the best POS but it works seamlessly with your online inventory.

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Hi @Denisa,

ConnectPOS can solve the problem.

When you install the app, you can create Outlet, which represent your brick-and-mortar store. Then when you setup the outlet, you can select the warehouse, from which the products is punched to be displayed within your POS.

So basically, you can use the same warehouse for your online and brick-and-mortar store.

When you add new product to Shopify, the product is updated within the warehouse (in Shopify, it's the location), and it is also updated in REAL-TIME in the POS app. So you can sell it both online and offline with the inventory automatically updated.

I think that is exactly what you need. 

Along with that, ConnectPOS also provide some features that synchronize online and offline shopping experience, such as:

  • Buy online, return/exchange in brick-mortar stores.
  • Print barcode labels for products, search products and add products to cart by scanning barcodes.
  • Apply discount, custom price, coupon code at checkout.
  • Print receipt

ConnectPOS is compatible with both PC and mobile devices, and works well in Android phones. I hope this helps!


ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.