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Connect Shopify to Automated Vending Machine

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Is there a way to integrate Shopify physical payment terminal to the external devices.
For example, customer make payment for a product in the vending machine.
Customer pays through Shopify.
A device capture the paid amount and releases the product.
Then update Shopify inventory as well.

Is there similar system or solution that can connect shopify in the cloud to a physical automated store?

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Unfortunately I don't have an answer to this question, but I am also very interested in this as an interaction for my customers. 


Earlier this week at Shopify Unite 2019, vending machines were mentioned. Here is an article the mentions future capabilities but only uses vending machines as a possible execution.

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As long as a device can provide any interface to provide information about the transaction,
I will be able to design the hardware to control the rest of the vending hardware.

Or is there any API to the store?
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Hi SiongBoon did you find anything?


Im looking for the same solution and looks like custom storefront could do it?

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Hi! Can you do this for my vending machine? If so, would you kindly reach out to me? 

Thanks so much,