Connecting Square as POS for Shopify Site

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I am building a Shopify site for a hemp company, and need to use a separate POS as Shopify does not support hemp sales. 


I have a Square account, and I'm trying to set up as the POS. However, I am running into difficulty as there is no Square app, and I've been using workarounds like SKUIQ without success. 


Can someone please advise on how to set this up? 


Thank you! 

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Shopify Partner
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Hello Lindsey,


You can use Square Shopify integration by SKUPlugs. This system will consider your Square as a POS system from where it pulls the product details and inventory and syncs them on Shopify. Once you receive an order on Shopify then this system will sync that order into Square POS. For more information please visit


Thank you!