ConnectPOS - what are your pain points?

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Trying to speak with some retailers with larger inventory (at least 1000 skus with high daily turn over) to see what your pain points are with ConnectPOS. We have tried Square, Lightspeed and are currently unhappy with the ShopifyPOS. We desperately need a fully functional system. ConnectPOS wants to do a sales call before they will give us any references to speak with actual stores using it. I don't have another hour to waste on sales calls for yet another pos if it's not going to fit our environment. I've heard that layways are tricky because it treats them like sales for tax reporting, and that the reporting section itself isn't that great.

Every person I talk to says they can't find a POS that makes their job easier and enables us to get online - we all prefer our old DOS based or Window's based standalone real POS systems. There HAS to be a solution out there that takes the actual real world retailers into consideration and works to solve their problems. I was hoping ConnectPOS might be that - can you share your experiences with where it falls short? Thanks.

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One thing to note ConnectPOS did not work well when trying to use it from my iPhone, I kept having trouble searching for items by name or sku. They may have fixed this. I have only tested it not used in production. Also, I do not think it allows to do a Refund without a Receipt.

Also, ConnectPOS has an Order list that you can search, these are orders that have been done in Shopify POS and Online. But I was having trouble finding orders with the following "Payment status and Fulfillment Status"

Payment Status: Partially Refunded, Payment Pending

Fulfillment Status: Ready for Pickup

These would not pull up in ConnectPOS, (they may have fixed this idk) 

It does not allow Giftcard syn unless you have Shopify Plus

When a receipt prints I can't tell if it was an Online Sale or an Instore Sale. ( when a person in the back is going through receipts confirming EOD they need to know which sales are from online or done at the POS, that information could be easily included on the receipt.)

I wish the best for ConnectPOS 

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Hi @petgrocer, thank you for your interest in us. Really looking forward to being your partner. We have a plan to improve the report function, so don't need to be much worry about that 😄

Hi @Jewelcam, thank you for your feedback. We have improved many features, such as the search function. We're also ready to tailor-make the app based on users' needs. 

If you need anything, feel free to contact us!


ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.
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Hey there - we just launched on Shopify POS.... carry 20,000 skus with 10 registers.... 

It's definitely not built for bigger retail stores as I have a couple dozen outstanding issues that we're working through. They do seem to fix them if you bug them enough though. 

Send me an email I'm curious to hear where you're at in your journey and maybe we can help each other. 

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Hello @Lawson_Thalmann,

If you need any consultation on POS, feel free to contact us at We're always ready to support!

ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.