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Currently, for instore POS purchases, there is no way to add a delivery date to the order.

could I create a product called "Delivery"

and create 365 variants i.e. July 21, July 22, July 23 etc etc.

That way if we need to add a delivery date, we can just select it as if it were a product.

Secondly, I need to run a daily/weekly report, so I can manage the deliveries.

If all the deliveries were added as a product to the order, as described above, can I then run a report for specifically each variant  i.e.  July 24th only,   OR  July 24th to July 28th  ??

if this is possible, I can then fully deploy shopify as a my POS, right now this is the biggest pain point.

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Hi Aman,

Stephanie here from Shopify's guru team!

You could go this route; however, you would have to create each date as a product where there is a limit of 100 variants per product.

What I would recommend doing, is utilizing the order notes function to record the delivery dates! Here is how to enable cart notes -

In order to manage your deliveries, you could then export your orders from the admin. Any order notes will be detailed within the export :)

Here is how to export orders -

I hope this helps :) If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to


Stephanie R

Stephanie | Shopify Support