Creating/Saving a PO in SHOPIFY POS & generate barcodes to apply when product shipment arrives???

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We are migrating our whole Brick & Mortar store to Shopify & it should be complete by tomorrow. At the same time we are trying to finish off our initial Shopify website. We already installed SHOPIFY POS, for the $89 fee. Have the Basic Shopify plan, but NOT sure if the $79 upgrade will help us with inventory management ... part of which entails creating purchase orders & generating individual product barcodes for incoming goods.
One of the vital aspects of running the Brick & Mortar shop is preparing to take in/receive an order. The basic order sent to the vendor (right now) is different from the “Purchase Order” that is completed to actually enter data into the POS system.  In our present POS system we create a "matrix" that defines the products from ONE vendor coming in & all the variables, like Style, Color, Size, ... then barcodes are generated for EACH item so we can ring up sales by scanning them at the register (obviously).  This is not so clearly defined HOW to do in Shopify POS, or within the platform app. And it's not clear the difference between Shopify POS & Shopify POS Pro. Is POS Pro the $89 APP we're now being charged for...
We need to be able to create the purchase order for a vendor, like Patagonia, and save it … but within that (as I mentioned) we need to generate individual barcodes to put on the hang tags for each of the SKUs coming in (Style, Color, Size, etc.)  I don’t know if Shopify POS can do this & sync it to the online page, or if it needs to be done online, first, with images, etc. & wait for the products to arrive BEFORE they are activated on the website & in-store. I know you offer STOCKY as an app, but I don’t know what it won’t do.  Essentially, we need the most efficient way start a new purchase order, save it, but ALSO generate barcodes to price the products when they come in … 
Thanks for any guidance.
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Barry, I have the same question as you as per creating purchase orders in advance... I see you had no response! Have you figured it out? Can you help guide me please?