Curbside Picks - Any Sellers' Protection ?

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I would liked to enable the "Curbside Pickup"  function in Shopify but I am worry that there is no seller's protection.

I can see a scenario whereby a customer paid for the items and pick it up at the retail location.

The customer then complains to the credit card company and a charge back is applied to the seller.

As a result, the customer gets the items for free.


How do I safe guard my shelf and proof that the items were received by the customer ?

Do I have to make the customer sign for the items that they received? I would guessed that signature are not need in this COVID 19 situation.


If customers pick Paypal as a way to pay for their purchases, then no seller's protection exist.

Paypal Seller's Protection is that you must have a postal tracking number to proof that it has been ship to the customer. Paypal has no seller's protection for curbside pick up.






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