Custom Data - How to get customer metafields to show on Shopify POS

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Just like Product metafields appear on product page in Shopify POS.  How do I get Customer metafields to appear when viewing a customer?  Also can customer metafields be editable in the POS app when viewing a customer?


We have sales clerks that only have access to POS app but need the ability to view the metaobject we created and linked to customer metafield definition.  We track equipment info associated to our customers and it's important our sales clerks can easily access the data for warranty and service follow-ups.

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Any answers to this? We have the same issue. Product meta fields used for our financial system integration and POS doen´t collect product metaobjects for orders and this causes that we have to move all POS sales to financial system manually.


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This would be a great addition. I was looking to do the same. Being able to have a customer's birthday or something similar visible on the POS app would be great!