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Customer View App - Not showing Transaction on POS UPGRADE

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So with the new POS upgrade we cannot get our Customer View App to show anything more than the item and price.. It wont show the payment or transaction details or anything about checkout..  Just the item (See photo below)..   HOWEVER, of course... it Works just fine with the Classic View POS.....   


We unpaired, re installed, updated all software again then Sat on phone with support..  Then I tired it with my Galaxy Tablet..   same thing.. works fine on classic view, not on the new POS UPDATE.. 


Anyone else have this issue or did have this issue and knows the solution?  I cannot believe I am the only one who this is happening to.. 


HARDWARE we are Using

Ipad 11 - ioS - Latest Version

Android Galaxy 9 - updated

Tap and Chip

Socket Scan Gun




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EDIT:  10 Minutes later and now they have removed the ability to Switch Back to Classic Mode..  So now I cannot use Customer View at all... 



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