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Customer View Transactions (showing price with Strikethrough)

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We have only just started using the Customer View for the POS.

Each line item shows the description and price

then immediately under it , in a smaller font additional information and the price with a strike-through

Why does it happen, what is it's intent, and how can I turn it off.  I have as yet not been able to find any documentation regarding this. Though the customer view docs do show an example of display with multiple line items but with only one showing that strike through.


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Were you able to find anything out? I am having the same issue. I tried testing the price and compare at price fields but the same thing always happens. It almost looks like a sale or discount tag. Doesn't make sense.

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Yes, we have been having the same issue for a long time now. Some help from Shopify support would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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Im having the same problem. has anyone worked out a solution?



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Same issue with ours as well. Any solutions?