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Customers can't use my discount codes using FB/Instagram checkout?

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I set up discount codes for my Shopify website. I have enabled Facebook and Instagram shopping with their in-app cart and checkout.


If I give customers a discount code, customers are reporting back that there isn't a place to enter the code when they are checking out thru Facebook or instagram. I tried to purchase one of my things on Instagram and it seems to be the case. Or am I missing something?


Am I stuck telling them they have to go to my website if they want to use a discount code? This seems to add friction and can lose a sale. 


I appreciate the easy adds to offer fast checkouts via many channels, but these options are overlooking a very desirable and customer-expected feature—adding the discount code. Are you also having this issue and what have you done to fix it?

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I'm having exactly the same issue, any luck finding a solution?