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Customise fields that appear in customer search on Shopify POS

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My client uses the Company Name field to store high-priority data so that POS staff can identify the correct customer. It's a school uniform shop, where the parent/carer is the customer but it's usually the student who attends the shop. Given surnames often vary, students don't necessarily live with both parents, and many students have identical names, it's important for this information to be very clear to staff.


There doesn't appear to be any way for the customer's contact details (very low-priority information) to be replaced with something different during the initial customer search, and opening multiple customer profiles to check the company name field is very cumbersome.


Is anyone aware of a workaround for this?

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Same problem here. We need to search for users in POS within other field than "firstname", "lastname" and "email" ("notes" for example).
Does anyone have a solution? 
Thanks for your help!