Deleting Product Variants

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I set up a product with several variants and later separated them to individual pages by duplicating the page for each product listed and then deleting the other variants along with the other pictures. When I did that, the original product variant page still looks like a variant and not a standalone individual product.

Is there a way to separate several variants on a page to there own individual pages and have them look like a regular product page?

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Hi, @Merkaba


Are you able to tell me more about your situation? Or possibly share any screenshots/links to what you are seeing so I can get a better idea as to what you are trying to accomplish. 


I understand that you are wanting to create product pages for each variant of said product. You can simply do this by creating a product for each variant. For example, if you are selling balloons with 2 colors, you will simply create one product for red balloon then another product for blue balloon rather than creating a balloon product with two color variants. Creating your products this way will result in separate product pages as well as presenting these products as two separate pages/links to click on. 


I have attached the following links for you regarding this matter: Add New Product and Variants. Definitely check these resources out as well. 

Daniel | Shopify 
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