Deploying POS on Desktop - possible?

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We currently operate +200 stores and we're investigating using Shopify POS. It seems today that Shopify POS is only available on tablets (iOS/Android). We have desktop computers deployed in all stores serving as POS. 


Has anyone deployed Shopify POS solution through desktops or the only option would be to change our devices to tablets to ensure compatibility with the Shopify solution?




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There is no official option for Shopify POS on PC, but depending on how good your PC hardware is, you could emulate Android using Bluestacks.

The Shopify POS isnt graphically demanding or anything, so theres a possibility it could work out?

But it seems the tablet POS system is the future. I mumbled and complained about having to make the switch, but it integrates in store purchases with the website so well I cant even be bummed about it.

Saves A LOT of desktop space as well.