Did a product research with Shopify on POS Card readers

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I opted to do a review with Shopify for the POS credit card research.

Had a 1 hour time slot to review what they were working on. My review extended to 1:45 minutes. Basically I had to go through the scenario of how the POS works with the card reader and how I would fix or access the card readers through the POS. After going through the tasks they set up they asked me what I would do differently.

This was the first 45 minutes.

I was brutally honest, held nothing back. First comment was why are you not addressing to core issue of using a mobile device in a brick and mortar store. Not all businesses are mobile. We have physical address with hours of operation. M-S 10-6pm. A card reader for us should be 100% always functioning. Shopify, No real answer

Secondly, I said from the survey they gave me it was apparent they were doing nothing to fix the card readers themselves, but rather just how to reconnect them when they go to sleep or disconnect. Shopify, Nothing to say

The next 45 minutes were going over why they were charging us $89 a month for PRO and we can't do.
1. Manual Returns without a receipt or order to attach to.
2. One exchange per order.
3. Gift cards purchased online don't go to the giftee with message.
4. No way to view Suppliers or Vendors Info.
5. Communication to owners on home admin page about what they (Shopify) are working on and notifying us on updates to the POS app.
6. A simple note field on the products page.

I stated that there online platform worked well and obviously planned. (other than the gift cards) But they have failed on the POS and do nothing to fix the items stated.
The bugs don't seem to get fixed, The constant reply from the guru's is we will pass this along to the developers (The Black Hole). No communication back.

Shopify revenue. Do you think they could afford a few more developers?

Shopify earnings.jpg

The result is that I am open to a new platform and will jump ship when I find the right one. They should read the forms. There is a lot of good info there patrons. They should put developers in retail stores and the will quickly see how they have failed.

PS. Shopify POS Sucks! and I tell other business owners this when that ask about our POS.

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