Different Price Options?

Different Price Options?

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We own a farm fresh meat business. All meat is sold by $/lb. How can I set up 1 price for our online store and a different price the POS side? 

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Hi @Carney !


I see there are many discussions in the community (I chose this one because someone had created an app that might meet your requirements).


Hope it helps.

ISBNExpress: Books Importer - import books by ISBN into your bookstore.
Boxi: Bundle Box Builder - create custom box builders.

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Do you just want a lower price in store?

If so just create an automatic discount on only set it to apply to pos orders.





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If you’re looking to set different prices for your farm fresh meat online and in-store, ConnectPOS  might be just what you need. It’s perfect for managing variable pricing, and you can try it out for free on the marketplace. Plus, plans start at just $49 a month, which is a pretty reasonable price. Give it a shot!