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I need community help:).

I am facing the following situation: we have a store with 2 pickup and delivery locations, I am showing inventory level on product page but this inventory level is the sum of both locations. When a customer wants to order a quantity higher that the stock from one location he can add that product into the cart but when he arrives at the checkout that location is not available and there is no alert or something that lets him know what product is causing this. I had a customer that added 63 products into the cart and at checkout he wasn`t able to place his order because the location he wanted was not available and, of course he got mad and gave up ordering the goods.

My question is this: is there any solution so that I can show both locations inventory levels in product page, or to show the customer which product is not available( maybe he will order the rest 62 products) or to let the customer choose the location as he enters the site and therefore to see only inventory level from that location so he doesn`t have to choose this only at checkout and face the situation described above?

It will be ideal if this can be made without an app:).


thank you.


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