Discount Code - Don't allow on POS but only on ONLINE STORE

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yes we are having a online sale with a DISCOUNT Code


But we DO NOT WANT the staff to use it on the POS


How do we stop them from entering in the CODE on the POS and only allowing it in the Online Store





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Hi, @LighthouseWeb!


This is May from Shopify.


That is a good question. At this moment, we do not have a feature to limit discount codes on certain sales channels. I do see the advantage of having this feature though, especially if you want to increase traffic on your website, or run an online store special discounts. 


I think adding this feature to our platform will benefit many merchants, so I am going to submit a feature request to our developers. I hope we can see this feature added in the future. In the mean time, I found a workaround to achieve this. This may not be ideal if you have many products on your store, but the workaround is to create a duplicate of your products, and change the product availability to POS only. Then, you would need to create a new collection for these products. When you create a discount, you can select which collections you would like this discount to apply to, and you would want to exclude your POS collection. 


If you have any followup questions or concerns, please feel free to reply back to this thread or contact our 24/7 live support


Best Regards,



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+1 on having the ability to select different channels for discounts. On our case it's the inverse, we have some discount codes only for the POS that we would like to avoid being "leaked" to use online.

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Shopify Staff
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Hey, @acasademont!


Thank you for leaving a comment and for the feedback. I've gone ahead and added your vote to the existing ballot our developers' review so that they know there is further interest in getting it added. Hopefully, this will be something we can see released in the near future!


If you have any followup questions, feel free to leave a reply here or contact our 24/7 support!



May | Social Care @ Shopify
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We would love to have automatic discounts available on the POS side. It would save so much time not to have to enter codes or manual discounts when checking out customers. Please please add this to their list of requests!!
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Considering switching from Square, but missing basic features like this is really making it a hard decision! Definitely a +1  for isolating discounts based on sales channel...


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This was my work around

This was to make items available for - clearance - on the POS but NOT online

In our case we had 7 different departments we wanted to clear out

FIRST In order to work

Your items must be searchable one way or another

Either by name or collection or by tag or by vendor

SOMETHING to ensure that when you do a search, you get all ( or most ) of the products in your search

So for example, in the admin, I searched for items TAGGED "leather"
Because we are clearing out the leather department
Manually took out the handful of items ( removed the tag or renamed it) for the few items that were not going to be included

Then selected ALL of my items and added a special tag to them .... say .... SALE50

to make sure that everything we want in the sale has this one special tag


Wait for shopify to go through and apply the tag

This can take time depending on how many items are in your search 

But do NOT move from the page until you know its finished

Now go back and select all the items again
Go to the "more actions" tab and select "remove from available channels"
For us - I just selected ( unchecked ) the POS

This left the items available on the POS but NOT available anywhere else

FYI it did not seem to work for me to use the " add available channel" and then only select the POS

I HAD to do it by removing the channels

You would think it was the same thing, but it doesn't seem to work like that
AGAIN ....WAIT  don't move  .... let shopify process your request - otherwise you will regret it

So now we have set stuff tagged with the term "leather" to be NOT available online and be tagged with SALE50

Then I created a collection called 70 clear

Selected "all conditions"

Added to it products tagged with the term "70 clear"


Now, I can create a discount and only apply it to the collection "70 clear"

I actually like the app called ......  Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler

Because it allows me to set up the sale to run and end automatically an only apply to the selected collection
As a bonus it can be set to show the original price crossed out and even show the original price as slightly higher than original
Neat little app

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Hello there, 


are there any updates on this feature? @Shopify!


we did duplicate all our products to have different discount codes on the different sales channels, however, had to install another app to sync the inventory which usually causes problems during big launches. 

It seems so simple, yet so complicated for Shopify. I assume this is neither working on Shopify plus.


thank you for any insight! 

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Shopify Plus user here - we also can't believe that the discounts can't be tied to one or more sales channels. Please Shopify, get around to improving discounts!

While you're at it, allow automatic discounts to coexist with codes if we choose to allow this. I don't know who can use automatic discounts in their current state because if you have any sort of membership program, those HAVE to use codes, and during a sale, those people then can't use their discount.

Same goes for affiliate programs which depend on codes such as Talkable - those users can't use their codes while an auto discount is in progress.