Discount Combinations on ShopifyPOS!

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I'm glad the ability to combine discounts on the online store was added. However, we do 95% of our transactions in store and have 5 discount codes that a customer might want to use at any given time including our rewards discounts from Yotpo. It's a huge pain to not be able to combine discounts. It happens every hour of every day where our cashiers have to manually calculate the discount combinations in a calculator and then manually apply one discount. This really should be a basic POS feature. 

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We experience this same lack of ability to actually select the correct discounts on our POS. Our staff are now actually ringing sales in under two or three different transactions, all while the client stands there frustrated. While they are doing it, we apologize profusely and tell them it is a flaw in Shopify, not us. If there was a better system that we could confirm actually works, we would have already switched over. 


@Shopify your POS system is crippling us in store, just so we can get online sales that only work part of the time. Please at least fix the POS - we can suffer through the online sales not functioning properly but we need to be able to ring out customers without so much user error opportunity at the cash register. Refunds need to be fixed, the size of the screen needs to be fixed (so we can actually see the items in the cart), the way the items get added to the cart needs to revert to how it was prior to this version where you click on the item and it auto adds it but doesn't take you to the item or the cart, and for the love of all that is holy, allow us to have multiple discounts on different items, and stop limiting us on our price overrides! If we want to give something away let us select the price!