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Discounting Line Items by Product Price

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I'm having trouble doing a very simple point of sale task that was probably doable on some of the earliest point of sale systems in the 90s. If I have more than 1 of a specific line item, I'd like to be able to decrease the price of that item. What ShopifyPOS does is applies that as the total amount for all of the line items. So say I have something that's $10 with 10 units for a total of $100. I'd like to apply a sale price of $9 to that product so that the total would be 10 x $9 = $90. What ShopifyPOS does, is says that ALL 10 of those items are a total of $9!!! So, the customer is getting like 91% off....


Why would anyone want that? Are there retailers out there that do that? I'm curious why and why ShopifyPOS would have this feature instead of doing it how every other POS system in the world does it? My cashiers need to pull out a calculator to figure out what the total price should be and then enter that. That's only if they remember this idiotic feature exists and don't have to refund the order and re-run it. It's just silly...  

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Hi @Lawson_Thalmann,

After reading your concern, I suggest you take a look at ConnectPOS. As a leading point-of-sale system for Shopify retailers, ConnectPOS allows users to create discount rules and apply them to certain products only. 

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@Shopify Any ideas on this? Any indication that this is on your radar?

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The discount system on the POS is a nightmare. They really need to make it more fully functional. Shopify is stuck in the 'mandatory' mindset rather than letting retailers do what they need to do. We also struggle with trying to discount at the POS, to the point where we simply create two different invoices! What a pain and it looks so unprofessional to our clients. We make a point of telling our customers while they wait for us to negotiate this clunky system that this is a Shopify issue, and we apologize we haven't found a better system yet. How we would love to be evangelists for Shopify instead of warning people away. Eternal optomists.