Discounts for different Sales Channels and POS Systems

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Hi there,


I was wondering if there is a way to schedule products to be on sale at different rates for different sales channels and POS systems. I'd like to put several items on sale with start and end dates but have one location offer 45% another one have 20% and online also be 20% off. I would like to put them on sale rather than have a discount code or automatic discount applied at check out as I would like online shoppers to see the "compare at" price. 


I've tried several apps,  but so far none can split the bulk promotion between sales channels. 

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Hi @scurb,

You may want to take a look at ConnectPOS if you want to apply different discount codes for different sales channels and POS systems. 

With ConnectPOS, when the Sale Price is available, you can display Price and Compare at price on both cashier/ salesperson's side (on POS systems) and buyer/ end-user/ customer's side (on receipts).

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