Re: Does anybody have the POS printed receipt tax breakdowns?

Does anybody have the POS printed receipt tax breakdowns?

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We just moved to shopify POS after running shopify web for 4 years.   It's frustrating getting reasonable answers from the shopify support , even for reasonable bugs/questions.    We have couple issues we need to resolve.   The shopify POS receipt (printed on receipt paper) is printing tax breakdowns (city, state , county) instead of a single line tax and no one on support able to figure out why it's doing it.  Unfortunately unlike shopify web, there's no user template code to edit that's open in the POS app or web app.  Apart from this , it keeps adding ccard proccessing information below the receipt which is unnecessasry and wastes receipt paper.  We haven't seen this problems on receipts posted on this community by users.     What do you recommend we do to fix this issue?  




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Had the same issues with them about VAT (Tax) in our country on the end of day slips, they are looking into it but still waiting.

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It's been over 2 years and still the same problem in NYC this is a nightmare cause of the 3 levels of tax. People always see a combined single line item for tax and they feel they are being overcharged. Giving each person a math lesson is frustrating us to no end. 

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Has anyone figured out how to fix this? Mine is doing it too and it is wasting SO MUCH paper!! 

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There are so many complaints on the sales tax breakdown yet Shopify isn't fixing the issue.  It should be an easy fix.  My clients seem a bit irritated by the breakdown and feel like they are being over taxed.