Draft Orders Automatically Marked for Local Delivery

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We currently use draft orders to handle any walk-in business that we get. We've been doing this for over a year, and haven't run into any major issues. However, just this week, the Shopify admin has started automatically marking orders for Local Delivery (even though we aren't choosing to "add shipping" when creating the draft). This seems to be automatically happening for any customer that has a shipping address in their profile. This issue is not world-ending, but it does mean that we have to mark each order as delivered, and customers are getting a successful delivery notification each time. It also throws off our tracking for the break-down of how we are actually fulfilling orders. So it's a pain in the butt. 


Anyone else running into this issue? At first I thought it might be a temporary glitch, but it has persisted for about 5 days now. Any know way that we can fix this?

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We would like more options on how draft orders are handled as well. We don't want orders marked as out for delivery or delivered, for all drafts. We aren't delivering them all the time! This is confusing to our clients. This has been the way it has been working since we started with them (april 2021).